Family of Pioneers

SpiritoGems© is Owned by Holy Gems™ E.C. Ltd. a private company, managed by a Third-generation of Professionals in the Diamonds, Color Gemstones & Jewelry industry.

Our grandfather, Chanan (Chune) Taub, (Holocaust survivor, Decorated Member of the Israeli State founders and a Pioneer in the Israeli Diamonds, Gemstones & Jewelry industry) – Founded in the early 1950s one of the first commercial Diamond Polishing Factory in the country. In the early years of the diamond industry in the country, if you were looking to invest in a high quality diamond from a reliable, professional, and decent source, chances are you would be directed to Chune.

Chune’s son, Abraham, Lead the business to pioneering Marketing Progress, in the late 1970s by being the First to establish a Jewelry Marketing and Sales method that gave the customer a Sensory experience, through dedicated showrooms linked to the production plants – With the intention of maximizing customer satisfaction and purchasing experience. This expanded the business to branches in London, Belgium, the US and Israel. To this day, jewelry companies around the world ask Abraham to teach them this proven marketing method.

In the late 1990s, it was decided to expand into other sectors in the field and to acquire licenses for the mining of precious stones, in order to specialize in this part of the production chain – and in practice, to control all stages of production – from mining and polishing of the gems, through designing and manufacturing of the jewelry, and finally, marketing to the end customer. is our way, Chune’s grandchildren, to adapt the business to the world of contemporary marketing and online commerce – By making our quality Gems & Jewelry as accessible as possible for our customers.

Taking advantage of the accumulated professional knowledge in the Diamonds, Gemstones & Jewelry industry and high Customer service awareness, combined with all the technological innovations and unlimited capabilities of the Web – We aim to give our customers the most Enjoyable, Comfortable, Easiest, Fastest, and Safest shopping experience.